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Here are a few great apps that IT pros will find useful at the office, on the road and everywhere in between:. Spiceworks aims to simplify everything IT. The mobile app syncs up to your desktop version Windows only and lets you manage your onsite network, inventory and software. You can also respond to troubleshooting tickets and maintain a knowledge base, all from one user-friendly dashboard. Access to the Spiceworks community—over one million IT pros and growing—is a bonus. This app lets you remotely manage your Rackspace cloud infrastructure servers, files and load balancers from your phone or tablet.

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We would love to hear from you. Please note this launch is for direct customers only. Mobile Sync for Rackspace Webmail will, however, be available for all customers — including resellers — in late May Rackspace Webmail users will now see a Mobile Sync link in their Webmail interface explaining the benefits of the service and how to enable it.

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Within minutes after setup, their accounts will begin syncing. I believe this synch happens automatically for us. Correct Marta. This is similar to your sync service on Exchange, but customized for a different email platform; in this case Rackspace Webmail. This sounds like a great solution! At least it will be true push email so it is not a waste!

Cloud Sites customers will not be able to use this feature. This sounds like a great feature, as this is using active sync could we also use this to sync with Outlook and the IPhone? Or could we use this technology to sync the IPhone to webmail, then use your sync software to sync Outlook to Webmail, that way everything is in sync? Plans for an updated Outlook tool are undetermined.

So does this mean we can dump our Exchnage hosted emails and go with the Rackspace web for better savings? Through our Hybrid solution Exchange and Rackspace Email on the same domain , we strive to offer the perfect fit for all users. Is there still no solution to sync from an installed client e. Outlook to the Rackspace web interface?

Otherwise it sounds like everything has to be done on the web to get to the phone…. Hey BW, you are correct. This sync service is designed specifically for Webmail-to-mobile sync. Currently, our Rackspace Email platform does not provide full sync between mobile-outlook-webmail… which is more indicative of our Hosted Exchange offering.

This feature here is ActiveSync which means it is available only for devices phones , not desktop clients. And the Google products are much better than working with Rackspace on the web. And sure, BW, Gmail is a great, free application. A significant problem with Google is their horrific use and privacy policies.

The latest policy posting states, in essence, that Google can do pretty much anything they want with your information stored on their servers, including disclosing it to others. I established my Rackspace account to avoid Google. This new sync product will allow me to move from Google.

Rackspace: 'We want to be your OpenStack maniac'

Well then why not offer a solution for syncing from Outlook to the web? You used to have a product for this purpose…that you have discontinued. That is a great topic BW. And you are correct, we do have an Outlook Sync tool for Whether or not we offer an updated Outlook Sync tool in the future is still to be determined. Hello, I added this new Mobile Sync option to my e-mail account and configured my iPhone right away.

Unfortunately, I had to deactivate Mobile Sync immediately when I discovered that my name would no longer appear as the sender of the e-mails sent from my iPhone — Only my e-mail address would appear as the sender, which does not look good for any professional correspondence.

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Too bad I had to give it up, it was a great concept. I am getting the same issue: just my email address is seen my name does not appear. But in the same iPhone, I have a gmail account, configured as a Exchange Account, and my name goes fine. So, maybe it is not an iPhone limitation. Good news guys. This feature has been added and your Display Name should now show when sending email via your iPhone.

This sounds great! Does this mean if I delete on my phone it will also delete on my laptop? Also, will the contacts from my phone be synced to contacts on webmail? And finally I use Google calendar which syncs with my phone will there be any issue with that? Yes, may be in the U. And the mobile sync with webmail only is an incomplete product.

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Hope to see a plugin for Outlook as well. Tell me where to vote. I use the IMAP email on my macbook pro.

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I read some email and moved it out of my inbox to a local folder. I moved about 9 messages at once. I had to goto my IOS settings and say turn off the mobile sync account and then turn it back on to actually have the inbox on my IOS devices reflect what was in my inbox. It alone blows away the native Andoird calendar, but combined with Webmail Sync is a dream come true!

I agree on the business calendar. It has served me well and is a smooth app and helps tie my employees and I together being on mac and PC side of the fence. I would like to put in another request for fixing Outlook sync and adding Outlook sync.