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Simply expand using the arrow, and tap the Ask IBot button. Use the Client Portal to see a clear, real-time view of key account metrics, place a trade, access Account Management with just one click! Use IBot to help with whatever you may need. Simply click the IBot icon at the bottom right of the Client Portal. Now let's go a step further and create an order. IBot already knows we're discussing Apple, so in this case you only need to give it a "buy" or "sell" command. Note that the order parameters are the same defaults you will see if you create an order from the Order Panel.

Now let's have IBot help us to buy a very large volume of shares. IBot simplies this process considerably. For example, IBot can help us easily create an algo order to buy shares in share increments submitted every 30 seconds, using a relative order with or without a limit price cap, that continues until you cancel it. We can have it fill outside regular trading hours, tell it whether or not to wait for each increment to fill before it submits the next one, and have it attempt to catch up quickly if it falls behind.

And we can randomize the increment size and time periods to help ensure the large order is not detected in the market. As mentioned earlier, you can create this same complex type of order from your phone or in the Client Portal. Start by asking IBot to accumulate a large share of stock, and answer the simple questions to let IBot create the algo. IBot can understand and act on commands to be executed within the trading platform, on the website, and in Account Management. Command categories include but are not limited to quotes, charts, orders, trades, market scanners, Level II data, option chains, events calendars, adding and modifying market data subscriptions, trading permissions, depositing and withdrawing funds to and from your account, seeing PortfolioAnalyst and activity metrics, and getting Customer Support answers to common questions.

This command fetches pricing and fundamentals data. Or, IBot can retrieve fundamental price data such as the price to book, price to free cash flow per share and price to revenues. Also retrieve annual and upcoming dividend amounts and dividend yield plus other fundamental data including but not limited to :. See the Appendix for information on the best ways to enter option contracts.

Tell IBot the specifics of the chart you want to see, for example: "chart aapl over six months. In this case, it shows me six months with weekly bars. I can have IBot change to daily bars easily, simply by asking "use daily bars.

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Click this link, log into Account Management, and you will be taken to the screen you need to complete the task. Simply ask, and IBot provides the latest market updates courtesy of Briefing. Simply speak or type "What's the latest market update" or "market brief" and IBot provides the most current Briefing. Quickly place orders, or close some or all of an open position, for example type "buy IBKR at 70" and IBot will show a prefilled order ticket with a Submit button to send the order, along with an Edit button to make changes and a Cancel button.

Ask to see trades, for example type "show trades on tsla" and IBot will return all recent trades in the specified symbol. Use Next Step buttons as needed.


Scan the markets for the most active US stocks, for example you could ask to see "top gaining US stocks" or "biggest US market winners. Market depth shows bids and offers away from the inside quote on a single instrument, gathered from all available exchanges. You could ask to see "market depth for Tesla" or "show depth for tsla.

View a chain of options on multiple strikes an underlying instrument by asking to see "apple options" or "jan options for apple. Find upcoming corporate and economic events. Issue a command to modify an order, or add information to a chart. For instance if you create a limit order and decide you would like to change the order type in the middle of the process, simply type "change that order to market" and IBot will update the order it is creating with the new command information. Or if you accidentally entered an incorrect price, ask IBot to "change limit price to You can type a command like "help with orders" or "help with quotes" to get help with a specific function.

To find help always start the sentence with the word "help. This is one area where using a specific word in your command is helpful. To view a summary of a company, type a command like "show summary for AAPL" and IBot will return a short company summary. At any time you can use the command "contact customer support" to get a link to the contact information for Interactive Brokers Client Services on the website. In cases where there is more than one option contract on the same exchange with the same expiry, strike and right, IBot will choose a contract as follows:.

In cases where you leave out a parameter, IBot will try to identify the option contract with an educated guess based on the following logic. In these cases IBot indicates that this might be a "Partial instrument match. The below sections documents examples of the currently supported syntax for IBot commands, sorted by section.

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