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Cell phone antenna in Washington, D. Photo: Shutterstock. According to the report, Israel has not faced any consequences from the U. Politico said that the president has been notoriously careless in security protocols, such as failing to use a secured cell phone, and cited his denial of a New York Times report in October that Chinese spies were tapping his calls.

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The White House Photo: Shutterstock. The article quotes Israeli Embassy spokesperson Elad Strohmayer as denying that Israel was behind the surveillance devices.

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Foreign Minister Israel Katz also denied the claims Thursday, echoing Strohmayer by saying that, "Israel does not conduct any spying operations in the United States. This directive is strictly enforced without exception," Netanyahu's office said. This is not a converted mobile phone this is a purpose built GSM eavesdropping device built in our own workshops.

This GSM bug is designed for use in situations when a long operational life is needed and mains power is not practical.

This is a fully functional adapter and unlike inferior models can be used as such. Simply dial the SIM card number inside the GSM Infinity Adapter included and at any time, wherever you are in the world it will automatically and silently connect transmitting any conversations and sounds over the GSM network from up to 30 feet away from the adapter.

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This miniature device measuring only 40 x 30 x 12 mm can be left in a room or car or hidden just about anywhere. The Universal car bug designed and built in our workshops is purpose built for use in motor vehicles.

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GSM bugs listening devices use mobile phone networks to enable the user to dial in to the bug from anywhere in the world in order to listen in to what is going on around the unit. This device uses standard AA batteries enabling a rapid battery change.

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This small audio transmitter uses the 3g network giving excellent coverage and quality and will operate in the many countries that are shutting down the 2g network. Measuring only 53 x 37 x 23 mm is the perfect audio bug for listening into conversations from a distance. When you dial into the bug from any location in the world you will be able to silently listen into any conversations taking place within a metre radius. This bug also has a voice activated call back feature, enabling it to call you when sound is detected. This type of device is set to revolutionise remote audio surveillance by utilising a fully functioning, mains powered 4 way extension lead with a concealed voice activated recording system that automatically uploads the recordings to the cloud.

Once the recordings have been uploaded you simply log into your google drive account to listen to or download the recorded audio. The files are time and date stamped enabling them to be used for evidence.

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This USB type charger product code usbgsm can be found in many homes and business premises. The difference with this one is it contains a highly sensitive microphone connected to a GSM transmitter with its own SIM card enabling you to dial into it from anywhere in the world. A fully functioning computer mouse with a GSM audio bug discreetly built in for perfect audio clarity without anyone suspecting a thing. The built in bug can be programmed by SMS commands to dial any number you choose when it detects sound or speech.

The sound activation function can be switched on and off by SMS commands, of course you can dial into it at any time. This device is set to revolutionise remote audio surveillance by utilising a fully functioning, mains powered double adaptor plug with a concealed voice activated recording system that automatically uploads the recordings to the cloud.

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This modern style wall clock may be hung on a wall in a room of your choice. You can then dial the number of the GSM bug built into the rear of the clock. This Motion Activated GSM Bug is the first ever GSM Bug we have sold that is triggered by motion as oppose to sound activation, making this device more reliable and less chance of false triggers. Note this is a fully functional extension Simply dial the SIM card number inside the device included and at any time.