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It can be covered up with something as simple as a log statement. There are services that run pairings of different devices and variations of operating systems and make them available, but that would likely be more expensive than a simulator. The choice becomes a trade-off between budgets and needs.

Testing should be combined with benchmarking against industry standards and user expectations to be sure that what seems acceptable to developers is also acceptable to users.

GTAC 2013 Keynote: Evolution from Quality Assurance to Test Engineering

Testing should also occur on a continuous basis. As apps have increasingly come to depend on network access, either for data or for third-party services, network management has grown as a source of trouble. It could be that the developer had a good Wi-Fi connection, but the user is on a mobile network in an area with bad reception.

A change in networks, caused by going from 3G to 2G, going into and out of elevators, or losing reception is particularly tough and can result in lost or scrambled packets. Luckily, "a lot of these conditions can be [modeled] with a few scenarios," says Roi Carmel, senior vice president of products and strategy at mobile app testing company Perfecto Mobile. One good way to handle a network problem is to inform the user of the connectivity break and to offer, when possible, the chance to do something else that might be of interest. If people understand the cause of what is a temporary condition beyond the control of the app, they're more likely to remain calm and not become annoyed at the software or the brand name associated with it.

What stands between such a situation and a crash is good error and exception handling. This way, an app can't get thrown by an unexpected attempt to divide by zero, an incorrectly entered response from a user, an API that suddenly started providing text as a response instead of a numeric value, or the temporary loss of connectivity.

In any of these cases, a properly coded app will note the unexpected and have a graceful way to terminate a process or activity while informing the user of the error.

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It may not be ideal, but if you can keep the lines of communication open, there's a better chance you'll keep the user. But perhaps the best advice is to keep an app simple. Provide the single-purpose tool that people want and use the exercise to code only what is necessary. Can you realistically create a bug-free app, particularly on a first round?

Probably not. However, you can focus on these trouble sources and do your best to create strong exception handling for the things that can and will go wrong.

How the NSA Could Bug Your Powered-Off iPhone, and How to Stop Them

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Cell phone listening software quality engineering

My guess is that you are here, because you are probably being driven nuts trying to find a way to stop that little bugger from telling you every time you have one cell phone listening software http premium software email!. In the androidiphonewindows mobile ecosystem, theres no shortage of listen to live cell phone calls kinds of apps.

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Edges and corners require f4 or f5. It still has flaky poi search; Its pretty particular about how you enter queries in order for it to deliver the correct results. Daughter Hang Y. Both the base station controllers and the switching centers are built around a large computer, known as a switch, capable of creating a dedicated communications path between a phone within its network and, in principle, any other phone in the world.

Switches are holdovers from the s, an era when powerful computers filled rooms and were built around proprietary hardware and software. Logs of network activity and billing records are stored on disk by a separate unit, called a management processor. Nowadays, all wiretaps are carried out at the central office. In AXE exchanges a remote-control equipment subsystem, or RES, carries out the phone tap by monitoring the speech and data streams of switched calls. It is a software subsystem typically used for setting up wiretaps, which only law officers are supposed to have access to.

When the wiretapped phone makes a call, the RES copies the conversation into a second data stream and diverts that copy to a phone line used by law enforcement officials. Ericsson optionally provides an interception management system IMS , through which lawful call intercepts are set up and managed. When a court order is presented to the phone company, its operators initiate an intercept by filling out a dialog box in the IMS software.

An audit procedure can be used to find any discrepancies between them. But in early , Vodafone technicians upgraded the Greek switches to release R9. That upgrade included the RES software, according to a letter from Ericsson that accompanied the upgrade. So after the upgrade, the Vodafone system contained the software code necessary to intercept calls using the RES, even though it lacked the high-level user interface in the IMS normally used to facilitate such intercepts.

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That odd circumstance would turn out to play a role in letting the Athens hackers illegally listen in on calls and yet escape detection for months and months. From time to time the intruders needed access to the rogue software to update the lists of monitored numbers and shadow phones. These activities had to be kept off all logs, while the software itself had to be invisible to the system administrators conducting routine maintenance activities. The intruders achieved all these objectives. They took advantage of the fact that the AXE allows new software to be installed without rebooting the system, an important feature when any interruption would disconnect phone calls, lose text messages, and render emergency services unreachable.

For this reason—and for the ease of monitoring calls from the comfort of their lair—the perpetrators of the Vodafone wiretaps attacked the core switches of the Vodafone network.

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Encrypting communications from the start of the chain to its end—as banks, for example, do—makes it very difficult to implement legal wiretaps. To simplify software maintenance, the AXE has detailed rules for directly patching software running on its central processor. The release being used in consisted of about blocks. In other words, a software patch works by replacing an instruction at the area of the code to be fixed with an instruction that diverts the program to a memory location in the correction area containing the new version of the code.

The intruders pulled this off by installing a series of patches to 29 separate blocks of code, according to Ericsson officials who testified before the Greek parliamentary committee that investigated the wiretaps.

The full version of the software would have recorded the phone numbers being tapped in an official registry within the exchange. And, as we noted, an audit could then find a discrepancy between the numbers monitored by the exchange and the warrants active in the IMS. But the rogue software bypassed the IMS. That by itself put the rogue software a long way toward escaping detection. But the perpetrators hid their own tracks in a number of other ways as well. For example, they could have taken a listing of all the blocks, which would show all the active processes running within the AXE—similar to the task manager output in Microsoft Windows or the process status ps output in Unix.

But the rogue software apparently modified the commands that list the active blocks in a way that omitted certain blocks—the ones that related to intercepts—from any such listing. In addition, the rogue software might have been discovered during a software upgrade or even when Vodafone technicians installed a minor patch. It is standard practice in the telecommunications industry for technicians to verify the existing block contents before performing an upgrade or patch. One way or another, the blocks appeared unaltered to the operators.